Bilge Pump launches to save boaters money&time

A new consumer website has launched devoted solely to bilge pumps.  A bilge pump is one of the most important safety features available on boats, yachts and marine please craft.  The website, offers visitors reviews and deals on the latest bilge pumps available to boat owners. Simply by accessing the site, consumers can often achieve savings of up to 60% on the price of bilge pumps and more importantly find the correct product to fit their specification.

Bilge pumps are water pumps used to remove bilge water that does not drain off the side of the deck but drains into a compartment called a bilge. Water also enters boats through fitting on the external hull and weak or poorly designed joints. The problem of water ingress is a continual threat for the boat owner.The website was created to address this often overlooked but important component for boat owners and to provide a site where consumers can search for bilge pumps that have been reviewed by experts in the field.  Consumers who purchase through the site will also receive significant reductions off the manufacturer’s retail price.  

Offering higher priced bilge pumps such as the Jabsco 18670-0123 Marine Water Puppy Bilge and more economical brands like the Johnson Pumps of America 21405 400 GPH Marine Bilge Pump, the site delivers unbiased reviews on the level of equipment needed.  The creators of the site recognize the significance of bilge pumps and want boat owners to be aware of their importance.

“Boat Owners often overlook this most critical part of the boats safety equipment and only realize the error of their ways when it’s too late. These items are usually poorly maintained and under specified. It is our goal to get boaters to review the level of safety equipment they have on board and we are starting with the most hidden away part – the bilge pump.”

Very often, a boat or yacht is way underspecified in the bilge pump it has on board. In fact many boats require two, three or even four bilge pumps to meet the demands of their different bilge compartments. In many cases there is only one. The realization of this fact often comes too late when faced with an emergency that the incorrect levels of equipment can’t cope with.

As boat owners realize the importance of having a quality bilge pump, the website will prove to be a valuable resource.  Consumers will be enticed by the thorough reviews and the great deals that the site offers and have access to the latest bilge pump technology and information.


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