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FIND Maps launches cost effective online marine data feeds

FIND Maps, in association with OceanWise, has announced the launch of its innovative MarineFIND online data services. FIND Maps is currently the only supplier of OceanWise Marine data via TMS and WMS/WFS feeds.   Development of these new services allows users of marine GIS data and charts to access data ‘as a service’ direct from […]

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“Workhorse” catamaran`s new style

Australian boat designer Incat Crowther is designing the catamaran workboat for Offshore Unlimited. It’s the third vessel from the three-way partnership of builder Richardson Devine Marine, Incat Crowther and the operator. The 24m Catamaran Unlimited was developed in 2008, capitalising on the unique skills of the three parties, resulting in a practical, capable workhorse that […]

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New Tsunami Warning System

Technology that oil rig operators and governments currently use to monitor ocean currents could be retooled to give coastal communities more accurate warnings before a tsunami strikes, a new study shows. Despite their size and power, tsunamis are notoriously difficult to measure or monitor before they crash into shorelines. But in a report published this […]

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Aeroflex and the U.S. Marine cooperate to expedite GRMATS Shipments

Aeroflex Holding Corp. (“Aeroflex”) (NYSE: ARX), a leading global provider of microelectronic components and test and measurement equipment, today announced it and the U.S. Marine Corps. continue to work very closely together to expedite the Corps’ final approval for delivery of Aeroflex’s Ground Radio Maintenance Automatic Test System (“GRMATS”) order. This shipment represents a $16 […]

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Bilge Pump launches to save boaters money&time

A new consumer website has launched devoted solely to bilge pumps.  A bilge pump is one of the most important safety features available on boats, yachts and marine please craft.  The website, http://bestbilgepumpreviewshere.com offers visitors reviews and deals on the latest bilge pumps available to boat owners. Simply by accessing the site, consumers can often […]

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DP World to spend £1.5 bn on Britain’s first deepwater port

DP World Ltd. is preparing to spend 1.5 billion pounds ($2.5 billion) on Britain’s first deepwater port in at least 20 years at a time when the economy has yet to recover from the last recession. The world’s fourth-largest port operator is dredging about 106 million cubic feet to accommodate the world’s biggest ships at […]

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China takes it seriously in Pacific Ocean

On Tuesday, the world’s first manned submersible, Jiaolong for the first time reached of 5,057 meters in the Pacific Ocean. After its successful dive, the State Oceanic Administration (SOA) is hoping that the Jiaolong will pave way to for a record-breaking 7,000-metre test dive in 2012. It has been told that Jiaolong has got its […]

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New online reservation system for renting dive gear

  Today, Total Diving launches a brand new online reservation and management system for renting dive gear. Starting today, scuba divers can use any web browser to select and reserve all scuba diving equipment they wish to rent from their Montreal dive shop and dive training center. Staff in the Montreal dive shop use the […]

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U-Boat Worx submarines available for Global Charter

  UBW is empowering individuals and scientists to discover what lies beneath the unexplored surface of the sea. Clients can go on their own personal quest or simply enjoy the underwater scenery and aquatic life. Several clients have already chartered the submersible together with their own yacht. “They feel like real explorers when they are […]

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China: Tsuji Shipyard and GTRC Sign Contract for Two 37.000 DWT Bulk Carriers

Bahamian shipowners Campbell Shipping Ltd. signed an order with Tsuji Heavy Industries (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. located at Zhang Jia Gang, China for two 37,000 dwt double-hull log fitted bulk carriers, with an option for two more. These ships, which will be classed by ABS and fly the Bahamas flag, will be 179.9 meters in length […]